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May 31, 2011

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Upcoming Events

Jun 4 :: On this special day you can name your own price for admission to Reed School. You'll also receive a souvenir...

Jun 4 :: Ed Janus, author of Creating Dairyland, will be at Cows on the Concourse, a downtown Madison event celebrating...

Jun 4 :: Celebrate the 75th season of great Wisconsin history at the Villa Louis with tours of the mansion,...


Link to Cool Links home page. New Civil War Collection
This should be your first stop for information about Wisconsin in the Civil War. Built for the 150th anniversary of the war, the collection answers basic factual questions and contains 16,000 pages of original historical documents. Browse soldiers' diaries and letters, view 1,000 pictures and maps, peruse contemporary newspaper accounts, and read compelling true stories.

New Pictures Online
Every day we add more historical images to our online collection, Wisconsin Historical Images. Not just Wisconsin, but the whole country. Not only candid snapshots, but work by major photographers. And not only photographs, but also posters, engravings, lithographs, maps and more. Poke around in more than 55,000 historic images by following the link above.

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When the Rapture Failed in 1844
Perhaps the most successful Utopian community in Wisconsin was born in the wake of a failed doomsday prediction. This was "The Community," a religious colony in Germania, Marquette Co., which lasted more than 50 years and spanned three generations. It began in Groton, Massachusetts, during the 1840s when its leader, Benjamin Hall (1796-1879), was inspired by the teachings of William...

The latest issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History. Wisconsin Magazine of History

The Spring 2011 issue of the "Wisconsin Magazine of History" features articles on the Federal Writers' Project in Wisconsin, which produced "Wisconsin: A Guide to the Badger State," despite trying conditions; how Wisconsinites found meaning in the Civil War during the Civil War semicentennial in 1911; Wisconsin politicians John Cudahy and Jim Farley, New Deal Democrats in the 1930s; and Wisconsin's Man Mound, a famous effigy mound near Baraboo.

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